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Commission - FirePetalFox by Banzatou Commission - FirePetalFox :iconbanzatou:Banzatou 75 5 Ripoff - Commissioned by Jaradderaj by Banzatou Ripoff - Commissioned by Jaradderaj :iconbanzatou:Banzatou 58 6 Event, British and Keychi (Commissioned by FNGR) by Banzatou Event, British and Keychi (Commissioned by FNGR) :iconbanzatou:Banzatou 62 8 Livestream (Offline) by Banzatou Livestream (Offline) :iconbanzatou:Banzatou 48 7 Commission - Bloom [Mercy Cosplay] (PiePinkie350) by Banzatou Commission - Bloom [Mercy Cosplay] (PiePinkie350) :iconbanzatou:Banzatou 124 18 Commission - Melody (PiePinkie350) by Banzatou Commission - Melody (PiePinkie350) :iconbanzatou:Banzatou 61 12 Gift Art - Keyframe by Banzatou Gift Art - Keyframe :iconbanzatou:Banzatou 78 13 Commission - Starlight Glimmer (Sunset Spartan) by Banzatou Commission - Starlight Glimmer (Sunset Spartan) :iconbanzatou:Banzatou 220 16 Keychi and Finn - Commission (Keychi-FIM) by Banzatou Keychi and Finn - Commission (Keychi-FIM) :iconbanzatou:Banzatou 65 22 Momodora - Kaho by Banzatou Momodora - Kaho :iconbanzatou:Banzatou 160 37 Fluttershy (Archer) by Banzatou Fluttershy (Archer) :iconbanzatou:Banzatou 200 22 Twilight Sparkle (Mage) by Banzatou Twilight Sparkle (Mage) :iconbanzatou:Banzatou 156 16 Stellar Eclipse and Night Lark - Commission by Banzatou Stellar Eclipse and Night Lark - Commission :iconbanzatou:Banzatou 63 7 Keychi - Commission (Keychi-FIM) by Banzatou Keychi - Commission (Keychi-FIM) :iconbanzatou:Banzatou 51 12 Bahn Satori by Banzatou Bahn Satori :iconbanzatou:Banzatou 53 11 Sohma and Raja (Spirit Guardian) by Banzatou Sohma and Raja (Spirit Guardian) :iconbanzatou:Banzatou 113 13

This journal is for my commissioners and their ETAs of when I will be starting on their commissions. 

Please note that these times are estimated and not absolute, so some of these dates I might be be getting to sooner than mentioned~ 

I do take my time with every commission I take, and want to make absolutely sure that everyone gets exactly what they paid for. [Gakkou Gurashi] Kurumi Salute Emoticon 

5/4/17 (12:03pm - After a long and arduous [mental] battle, I'm finally getting the ball rolling! Please look forward to the progression finally!)
3/26/17 (6:42pm - Will be out of town longer than anticipated; taking out ETAs for commissioners. Sorry~! )

3/2/17 (10:20pm - Have to push back dates by one more week again; I'm so sorry everyone! If this happens to me one last time, I'll send out a mass note about the unfortunate news and have to knock out the ETAs entirely. I really don't want to rush everyone's commissions to being sub-par quality. Thank you for understanding in advance! >~<" )
2/24/17 (11:06pm - Updated ETAs)
2/13/17 (8:06pm Pacific - Currently on Emergency hiatus (reason: Getting over Food Poisoning). Will update ETAs with new dates in the future!)

Special) Sunset Spartan [twitter] (special emergency commission for a daughter that recently lost her mother during Pacific Ponycon; collaborating with both my fiancee and a special guest) Bullet; Blue Complete! Bullet; Blue 
Special) :iconmanicbulbs: ManicBulbs (Previous commissioner) Bullet; Blue Status - When commissioner is ready again Bullet; Blue
1) :iconstelar-eclipse: Stelar-Eclipse  Bullet; Green Complete! Bullet; Green  
2) :iconkeychi-fim: Keychi-FIM Bullet; Green Complete! Bullet; Green 
3) :iconkeychi-fim: Keychi-FIM Bullet; Green Complete! Bullet; Green 
4) :iconfornogr: FNGR Bullet; Green Complete! Bullet; Green 
5) :iconpiepinkie350: PiePinkie350 Bullet; Green Complete! Bullet; Green 
6) :iconjaradderaj: jaradderaj Bullet; Green Complete! Bullet; Green 
7) :iconfirepetalfox: FirePetalFox Bullet; Green Complete! Bullet; Green  
8) :iconjahzi: Jahzi Bullet; Green Coloring Bullet; Green  
9) :icondimas-novus: DracoSaurs Bullet; Green Outlining Bullet; Green  
10) :iconjoshscorcher: JoshScorcher  Bullet; Yellow Next Bullet; Yellow
11) :iconflameamigo619: ToonkriticY2K
12) :iconslashingprices332: SlashingPrices332
13) :iconfornogr: FNGR 
14) :iconfirelapisjade: FireLapisJade
15) :icontherussbus: TheRussBus 

Want to commission?

Unfortunately, I'm currently closed at this time, but if you'd like to be notified when I will be starting again, please send me a note or e-mail me at and I'll give you an update in the future. :meow:

Below are examples of drawings you can expect from me -

Anime (or anime styled characters)
Bahn Satori by BanzatouSohma and Rajaa (Spirit Guardian) by Banzatou

MLP (or MLP styled characters)

with simple background: 

 Sunset Shimmer by Banzatou

with complex background:
Starlight Glimmer By Bahn Satori by Banzatou 

Thank you to all of my commissioners who've commissioned me; and thank you for considering with commissioning with me in the future~! :meow:


Livestream officially over for today!

Thanks everyone for watching me play #momodora_reverie_under_the_moonlight  and #freedomplanet on my birthday~!

Oshawott cry plz 
I'd just like to thank each and every one of you who wished me an awesome happy birthday today, you guys are seriously the best! I will personally reply to each one later on today~ Batman Approved 

And as an added note, just giving everyone a heads up that I will be livestreaming with :iconhungrysohma16: with two games tonight: My typical Momodora speedrun (because my recording backfired on me that night and now my score is considered a lie ;A; ) and a game that I used to rave about called Freedom planet (casual play).

I will be playing both of these games starting at 6:30pm PDT. Hope to see some of you there!
Apparently I forgot to mention this here on dA, but I'm currently out of town and have no source of making new drawings for the entire week, productivity shall resume next week!
Just giving everyone the heads up that both :iconhungrysohma16: and I will be having another Livestream~

This time, we have livestreams back-to-back, starting with Sohma hosting it on her Twitch account featuring a casual LP of Dust: An Elysian Tale.

Her livestream starts at 6:30pm PDT tonight.

Afterwards, I will be going back to finish the job with (attempting ) do a sub-30 minute completion of Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight once more on my Twitch account.

My livestream starts at 9:00pm PDT tonight.

Hope to see some of you there!
Part 2 of 2 of my Livestream from five days ago - 


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