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And not for a lame reason again Totally for a lame reason.

So I just moved back to LA just to help with my family with work (for the 2nd time in my vacation) from now until August 3rd, and I forgot to pack in my laptop charger. =__="

So what does that mean?

Well even IF I got all the drawings I wanted to get done before the 25th-26th of July, I won't be able to take any commissions until I get back to San Diego. Also, I personally don't want to spend more money on something where I'm going to go back home in a couple of weeks, so, this is what I'm going to do.

I'll ask you guys this question. Would you like me to uphold my promise with keeping the date to upload artwork and start up shop asap by getting a new charger anyways? Or would you guys be willing to stay patient with the things I've been working on and just postpone it one last time?

If I do postpone it, would you guys prefer me to postpone it to a more "asap" date (such as one more week) or would you guys be willing to give me a chance to postpone everything to something more suitable, probably somewhere around August 25th? Reason I chose this date is because I don't trust my "vacation time" right now, so I feel I can actually get things done a week after school starts, especially since I'm just a part-time student this semester. (only two classes btw, since that's all I need for graduation.)

I know I've been sounding very flaky these past couple of journal posts, and I know for a fact that this isn't exactly fair, or even remotely reliable.
I completely understand if you guys find it suspicious that I keep suspending it. I mean, a person takes the time to say "Oh hey guys, I'm starting a thing soon! Look forward to it!" and it never comes. So...why even mention it...??? (Which sounds like a lot of Kickstarter projects if you ask me, lol.)

In any case, I got a couple of notes/messages saying that I'm being too harsh on myself and that I should get things more important done and take my time, and I probably am, so thanks guys for your consideration.

It's just that as someone who knows myself better than anyone else, knowing what I can and can't do, I expect better.

So I'm not going to dance around everyone and just ask this while I have enough battery power for this laptop:

Should I...
1) Keep the announced dates?
2) Suspend dates to a more asap time (i.e. August 8-ish)?
or 3) Give myself more leniency and upload and start commissions at a safer date (i.e. August 25th)?

I have more lighthearted news to talk about, but for now, I just want to discuss this with everyone just to see what everyone thinks. (And also my laptop's going to keel over in 40 mins, so I want to salvage this as much as possible, but will respond people back via iPhone.)

Thanks for everyone's responses in advance.

:iconbanzatou: Banzatou

P.S. Just to show I am being active, here's an update on the drawings from last journal with a before and after look:


Banzatou's Profile Picture
Albert T.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm am amateur artist that found his love for drawing on August 29, 2005 who has never found interest before then. I hated drawing before because it was tedious.

Throughout my experience, I've had my ups and downs. I've received many discouragements from pursuing this path (and especially from my high school teacher) exclaiming that this is not a field for my future, only because I wasn't great at drawing.

Despite these harsh remarks, I pressed on.

However, because of my stubbornness and optimism to continue striving, I'm happily rewarded with people who continue to look forward to my work, as well as blessed with a wonderful person, :iconhungrysohma16:, who to this day continues to be my inspiration as to why I should keep on going both as an artist partner and as a fiancee.

Despite my improvements over the course of time, I still see myself as someone who's still new and fresh; always seeking guidance to others regardless of experience, whether it be on Deviantart, the internet itself, or in real life. As such, I always look to everyone to continue improving.

And that's who I wish to become in life: an inspiration to all hardworking artists out there; to show those fresh on the field that you don't have to be a genius or one has to have started drawing young.

To those who do wish to improve as an artist, here's my advice to you:

As long as you stay honest, patient and optimistic...anything is possible.

Be proud of who you are, and what you do; keep your head up, and strive forward.

And to always remember, that there is no such thing as perfection in the world...only experience.

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