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Special) Sunset Spartan [twitter] (special emergency commission for a daughter that recently lost her mother during Pacific Ponycon; collaborating with both my fiancee and a special guest) Bullet; Blue Complete! Bullet; Blue 
Special) :iconmanicbulbs: ManicBulbs (Previous commissioner) Bullet; Blue Status - Will be done last Bullet; Blue
1) :iconstelar-eclipse: Stelar-Eclipse  Bullet; Green Complete! Bullet; Green  
2) :iconkeychi-fim: Keychi-FIM Bullet; Green Complete! Bullet; Green 
3) :iconkeychi-fim: Keychi-FIM Bullet; Green Complete! Bullet; Green 
4) :iconfornogr: FNGR Bullet; Green Complete! Bullet; Green 
5) :iconpiepinkie350: PiePinkie350 Bullet; Green Complete! Bullet; Green 
6) :iconjaradderaj: jaradderaj Bullet; Green Complete! Bullet; Green 
7) :iconfirepetalfox: FirePetalFox Bullet; Green Complete! Bullet; Green  
8) :iconjahzi: Jahzi Bullet; Green Complete! Bullet; Green  
9) :icondimas-novus: DracoSaurs Bullet; Green Complete!Bullet; Green  
10) :iconjoshscorcher: JoshScorcher  Bullet; Green Complete! Bullet; Green  
11) :iconflameamigo619: ToonkriticY2K Bullet; Green Starting Bullet; Green 
12) :iconslashingprices332: SlashingPrices332 Bullet; Yellow Next Bullet; Yellow
13) :iconfornogr: FNGR 
14) :iconfirelapisjade: FireLapisJade
15) :icontherussbus: TheRussBus 

Want to commission?

Unfortunately, I'm currently closed at this time, but if you'd like to be notified when I will be starting again, please send me a note or e-mail me at and I'll give you an update in the future. :meow:

Below are examples of drawings you can expect from me -

Anime (or anime styled characters)
Bahn Satori by BanzatouSohma and Rajaa (Spirit Guardian) by Banzatou

MLP (or MLP styled characters)

with simple background: 

 Sunset Shimmer by Banzatou

with complex background:
Starlight Glimmer By Bahn Satori by Banzatou 

Thank you to all of my commissioners who've commissioned me; and thank you for considering with commissioning with me in the future~! :meow:
FireHeartDraws Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe, hope you dont get your commissions mixed up with Sohma's. :D
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